Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is a spa town and tourists who are serious about spa service should make it a point to go this city for this purpose. This city has always been a popular stopping point for elite members of European society. So many of the luxuries that can be found in Karlovy Vary have been designed for the rich and powerful. However, the common tourist will be accommodated as well. There are 13 springs that are available within this city and they are often used for healing purposes. The town is also loaded with many museums, galleries and is home to an international film festival which is the biggest of its kind. The glass making center of Europe is also located within this city. Karlovy Vary produces some exquisite glass works which are sold for high prices on the market. Tourists can visit some of the glass manufacturers to see how these pieces are created from start to finish.

Tombs and Crypts inside of the Czech Republic

Most tourists probably do not want to see tombs, crypts and cemeteries when they are on vacation. However, they probably should make an exception for the ones located inside of the Czech Republic. The sculptures and tombs are designed with high quality and they house the remains of some of the greatest people that lived within this country. The famous Gothic All Saints Chapel (or Bone Church) is located in the city of Sedlec and it the premiere destination for tourists to see how important funerary practices are to the Czechnian people click here to learn more. Many of the tombs, crypts and cemeteries are spread out across the country.

General Places of Interest in the Czech Republic

Here is a look at some common places that people can visit when they travel to the Czech Republic.

The Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is considered the 7th best in the world and it has a great collection of animals from all over the world. The zoo host special events throughout the year and is a great place for tourists with children to visit.

Aquapalace Praha

The city of Prague is home to the Aquapalace Praha which is the biggest waterpark in all of Europe. This place has many events and activities. It is a great place for travelers to see during the summer months.

Centrum Babylon

Centrum Babylon is a science park that is located in Liberec, North Bohemia. This science park has mirror mazes, water slides and geysers. Visitors can conduct science experiments while at the center and enjoy many of the special exhibits and events that often appear at the center.

Bobova Draha

Bobova Draha is a bobsledding facility that allows visitors to sled on an 800m track. It also has game rooms and a restaurant. The park offers activities in the winter and the summer. Not only do guests sled they can also visit the climbing wall, rope park and table football games. This park is located in Prague.

Mirakulum Park

Mirakulum Park is a huge amusement area where children can go nuts and lose their minds. This place has military vehicles for people to drive, real trains that can be controlled and giant slides for adults, kids and even babies. This particular amusement park is definitely for families and it has so much fun to offer that a tourist could end up missing their vacation by staying here.

There are many more attractions inside of the Czech Republic but the ones that are listed here are the primary places for people to visit during their stay. The Czech Republic has a lot to offer travelers who want to visit a unique looking place with a rich historical place.

Czech Republic

A Brief Look at the People in the Czech Republic

The people who reside within the Czech Republic are fairly laid back and easy to get along with. The women here are considered some of the best looking in the world and the men are somewhat serious without being uptight. Culturally, a lot of people like to talk and socialize over a beer. Drinking beer is a national pastime within the Czech Republic and they take it seriously. Family is also important for many people. A lot of the conversations that people have is about family, politics and things that are taking place within the society.

The crime rate is very low and people are generally friendly. However, because of the nation’s communist past, many Czechnians still have some left over characteristics that reflect that period of time. For example, expect to stand in a line for a long period of time and do not complain. Many older people from the past had to do this under communist rule and this unwritten behavior is still common today. So, if you go somewhere and wait a long time do not be impatient or complain. Many Czechnians just do not have the same sense of urgency about things that people have in the west.

Dumplings is a favorite food for Czechnian people and they include this form of food in many of their traditional meal. While Czechnian cuisine is not considered some of the best in the world; some dishes are quite tasty according to tourists. Pork, beef and animal organs are among the top meats that are consumed here. They do have salads and many other western or eastern dishes and there are fast food restaurants within this nation. Czechnians are also casual dressers who would rather wear blue jeans than many other types of clothing.

Czech is the main language within the nation. Visitors should get a Czech handbook that they can carry around to speak some basic phrases. Apps also work great for this purpose as well. Many people do not speak English here but there are some Americans who live abroad within this nation. Some Czechnians do speak English and they can usually be found in hotels or other places where tourists normally visit. There is internet and WIFI service in the Czech Republic so connecting to the internet should not be a problem. However, a person will have to translate their pages into English or their home language if they want to understand the material.

Famous Places in the Czech Republic outside of Prague

The city of Prague is the number one tourist destination in the Czech Republic but other metropolitan areas such as Brno has destinations for visitors as well. Here is a list of some of the other top tourist destinations in the Czech Republic outside of Prague.


The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a national treasure for the Czech people. This old medieval church has tombs and is still a worship center for many Czechnians today. Though many Czechnians consider themselves atheist they still attend church services. Other famous attractions inside of Brno is Spilberk Castle, Brno city Museum and the Tugendhat Villa which is the leading icon for modernism within the nation.

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is another city within the Czech Republic. It home to the Cesky Krumlov Castle. This massive structure was constructed during the 13th century and it is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. This castle and its surroundings is extremely large. It consists of a great hall, ballroom and royal apartments. The place also has historical paintings and artistic works.

Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora was once a wealthy town because of the silver trade that existed in this place. This wealth allowed the rulers to create many sculptures from the middle ages that still remain today. Taking a trip to this town is similar to traveling through a time machine (if they were real) to the past. Kutna Hora offers tourists a primary view about how these the Czech’s lived many years ago.

Bohemian Paradise

This part of the Czech Republic lies in Eastern Bohemia and it has giant sized rock formations. These formation shoot upward from the ground. There are lot of small castles which can be spotted along the countryside within this region.

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Prague Castle

Prague Castle
Prague Castle is one of the biggest and most popular attractions inside of the Czech Republic. This castle is home to the president of this country. Traditionally ruling emperors and kings lived in this castle in the past. It is also a place for politicians to conduct their business. The castle is the largest structure of its kind in all of Europe. It has cathedrals, monasteries, churches, basilica, defense towers and stables. Gardens are sprawled out across the area as well. Prague Castle offers tours for visitors during the daytime hours.
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge is one of the busiest places within the Czech Republic. Hundreds of thousands of people could pass along this bridge on any given day. The bridge is located near Prague Castle and it connects a popular Prague district known as Old Town to other parts of the city. There are restaurants, shop owners and vendors that sell food and merchandise along this bridge. Live musicians and actors also stage shows along the bridge area as well. Many people within the Czech Republic consider the Charles Bridge to be the nation’s best public landmark.
Old Town Square
Old Town Square is a popular district within the city of Prague. The unique architecture that can be found within this part of town is unforgettable for many visitors. A lot of different architectural styles from the Middle Ages can be found here. Gothic and Borque styled buildings can be found along the square and so are buildings that have been designed with a Romanesque or Renaissance design. Restaurants, shops and a few bars are located here as well. This part of Prague is also a popular gathering spot for tourists and people can usually find other travelers from their own nation hanging out in this area of town.


David Cerny’s Sculptures


David Cerny’s public sculptures are located all over Prague and they are unusual works of art. Tourists who see them will instantly recognize his work without ever knowing who he is. That is because his works of art are uniquely different. Many of them portray graphic scenes of nude human bodies. People who are easily offended probably do not want to see some of these pieces. However, they are original and intriguing to behold. Some of Cerny’s sculptures are amusing such as his double-deck bus sculpture that has arms.

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill is another famous location inside of Prague. It consists of gardens and has a small version of the Eiffel Tower. There is a mirror maze for kids (and adults) to enjoy. The Church of St. Michael is also located here. This particular church building is a famous structure from the Czech Republic’s past.


Zizkov is the major district for clubs, bars and nightlife in Prague. The area has over 300 bars crammed into 2 square miles. Tourists who enjoy beer will definitely have their fill of it after visiting this part of the city. The part of town is very informal and jeans and t-shirts is the common mode of dress. U Medvidku Beer Hall and Restaurant is another famous location for tourists where they can sample some of the finest brews within the Republic.

Museum of Communism

The Museum of Communism is a memorial to Czechnian people who were killed or captured during World War II> There are sculptures and media that portrays the events that took place during the communist regime under Stalin’s control. This particular museum is a must see tourist attraction that provides some really great information about the Czech’s past and their struggles.

Bunkr Parukarka

The Bunkr Parukarka is an unusual night club. It was formed during the 1950s as a nuclear bunker. Over time it was converted into a nightclub. People often visit it to have fun and to honor the ending of the Cold War era. Tourists who like to party should check this club out if they get a chance. Parukarka specializes in EDM and industrial music.

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Arriving in the Czech Republic
Once a tourist arrives within the Czech Republic they can settle into one of the major cities within the nation during their stay. There are plenty of hotels in each of the major cities and most of them are reasonably priced. Vacationers can have a travel package arranged and receive a discount on their accommodations. Visitors should plan out their lodgings in advance to avoid the hassle of trying to find a place to stay once they arrive.
To keep things simple, most people that visit the Czech Republic usually end up inside of Prague. This city is a huge draw for foreigners. The price for a hotel room inside of Prague relatively inexpensive. This price will vary depending on where a person decides to stay. Euros is the currency of the Czech Republic. Airports and banks in the area typically have money changers where tourist can exchange dollars for euros.
The exchange rate for euros into dollar is .92 euro for every American dollar. So, US tourists will actually loose money when they are converting dollars into this figure. This is why they should bring at least $10,000 with them during their visit. Luckily, the living standard inside of the Czech Republic is relatively low.
Getting around the cities is not that complicated. Czech Republic cities have a decent transportation system that do not cost a lot of money to use. There are buses and some rapid transit systems available in many cities. Tourists can also drive but they should be familiar with Czech Republic driving laws before they decide to rent a vehicle. Walking through most Czech Republic cities is an easy thing to do. However, visitors should be cautious when taking taxis because drivers have been known to overcharge foreigners.The weather inside of the Czech Republic is fairly cold in the winter and mild in the summer. The average summer temperature is about 74 degrees Fahrenheit. People should make sure they at least bring a jacket when visiting during the summer months and definitely a coat during the winter time.
Major Tourist Destinations Inside of the Czech Republic
All nations have locations and landmarks that they market to tourists. The Czech Republic is no different. Prague is the Czech Republic’s primary focus for tourism. This city has many attractions for tourists and it educates them on the rich history of the nation and Central Europe. So, when someone wants to tour the nation they are strongly encouraged to begin their journey within this city. Here some of the top tourist destinations inside of Prague.


The Czech Republic is a popular tourist destination inside of Europe. The country receives nearly 8 million visitors each year. When people travel to this nation they usually visit the nation’s capital city of Prague. The Czech Republic offers tourists a unique landscape with plenty of things to do during their stay. The following information will describe the best way to tour the nation and how a tourist can get the most out of their vacation during their stay.

An Overview of the Czech Republic
Czech Republic cities are not known for their modern landscape with tall skyscrapers, busy streets and millions of people roaming the streets. Instead the countryside and metropolitan areas look as if they were frozen in time from the Middle Ages. The old world charm that the Czech Republic has helps to make it a big draw for foreign visitors. People all across the globe are immediately captivated by a lot of the Medieval architecture that has survived for hundreds of years. This Old World architecture has been fused with contemporary city structures to create a unique looking environment. Tourist who visit Czech Republic cities will immediately notice how different they are from most of the major metropolitan areas in the west.
The Czech Republic is not a big nation. As a matter of fact it has a land mass that is nearly the same size as the state of South Carolina. People who visit this tiny nation can literally drive through it in less than half a day. There are close to 11 million people living within its borders. The Czech Republic was formally known as Czechoslovakia but in 1993 that nation peacefully split in half and formed the Czech and Slovak Republics.
The nation has 13 regions and a person should visit at least 4 key areas once they arrive. Regions such as Bohemia (central and south), Olomouc and Prague are among the most popular areas within the nation. Most of the nation’s people are concentrated inside of Prague. This city has nearly 1.3 million people. Other highly populated regions include Moravskoslezský and Jihomoravský within Moravia.
Germans compromise the highest amount of visitors to the nation each year. Nearly 1.6 million Germans travel to the nation for a holiday or vacation. Tourists from the nations Russia, Slovakia and Poland also frequent the Czech Republic on a regular basis. The nation is bordered by Austria to the south, Slovakia to the southeast, Poland to the northeast and Germany to the northwest.
There are a high number of expats living inside of the Czech Republic and most of them are settled inside of Prague. Their number helps to change the social landscape of the nation. While the Czech Republic still retains most of its old world charm it does has modern conveniences and comforts that can be found in most major cities across the world.
Information about Traveling to the Czech Republic
When people travel to the Czech Republic they can do so for a relatively inexpensive price. Most plane tickets from the US to the Czech Republic cost less than $500. The reason why the airfare is so low is because the Czech Republic is not a hot spot tourist destination for many Americans. The nation annually receives about 500,000 American tourists each year. While this number is a fairly decent size it is relatively low when compared to other travel sites inside of Europe. Since this is the case, airfare is usually set at a low price to attract visitors.
According to the US Department of States Bureau of Counselor Affairs, tourists must have a passport that has been valid for at least 3 months to visit the Czech Republic. Their passport should have a two blank pages for entry stamps. People who stay in the Czech Republic area for less than 90 days will not be required to have a Visa. No mandatory vaccinations are required for visiting the country. Currency restrictions exist for euros in excess of 10,000. The US Embassy is located inside of the capital city of Prague. Visitors will need a return airline ticket as proof that they are only touring in the country once they arrive. The Bureau of Counselor Affairs website will provide more detailed information about passport requirements to this country.